240 million new computer threats in 2009

240 million new computer threats in 2009

More than 240 million new malicious programs, an increase in «malicious activity» in (and originating in) developing countries and attacks targeting specific targets, are some of the trends reported by Symantec in its most recent report.

The company specializing in security solutions has just released its global annual report on software malicious and computer attacks, relative to the year 2009, which reveals a 100 percent growth in new threats, compared to the previous year.

One of those responsible for product development at Symantec also said, in statements to the press, that every 4.6 seconds a new computer is detected infected by botnets (worldwide).

The expert said that the highest incidence of «malicious activity» has been registered mainly in developing countries, where new, inexperienced users start to access the Internet without taking precautions.

This type of territory, where countries such as Brazil and India stood out, for example, has also become a fruitful source of attacks, as many do not yet have legislation to combat cyber crime.

The most common attacks remain Web-based, with the vulnerabilities of all browsers being «well» exploited by criminals. According to the official, none of these programs is already untouchable, and when it is said that Internet Explorer is the most attacked, it is only because it is more popular, she defended, warning of the need for faster response by companies when launching patches. as soon as faults are detected.

Another of the problems reported by the report is the growing sophistication of attacks that specifically target a particular company, in most cases aimed at stealing information relating to intellectual property rather than customer bank details, for example.

Increasingly easy access to tools designed to perpetrate computer attacks is another issue that is giving security experts a headache, as it turns potential computer criminals into people who would not have the skills and means to do so.