23 of the 27 EU countries offer below-tax prices on the Eurotariff

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The European Commission announced today that it has already received notification from all European mobile operators of the completion of the process of informing customers of the new prices for mobile roaming calls.

On a website created for this purpose, the EC shows that all operators have implemented the new prices, and in the vast majority of countries some operators have chosen to create offers with lower prices than those recommended in the European measure.

Portugal is not on the list of 23 countries where customers can already benefit from cheaper prices for international calls, since the three mobile operators have chosen to adopt the maximum prices imposed by the European executive: 49 cents for outgoing calls and 24 cents for incoming calls, excluding VAT.

The lowest prices are in force in Ireland and are charged by 3, which charges its customers 32.23 cents for calls made from a foreign country and 15.70 cents for incoming calls (excluding VAT).

In Portugal, the prices adopted by operators touch the maximum ceiling of Eurotariff and to date are only available to Optimus customers, who adopted the measure as of 9 July, as shown by the European table. Vodafone and TMN only advance at the end of August, at the end of the holiday period for the vast majority of Portuguese. This decision was moreover followed by the majority of operators, mainly in the main European markets.

According to the approved European regulations, operators had until 30 July to inform customers about the Eurotariff and now have until 30 August to activate the service. Customers who do not express a desire to migrate to the Eurotariff or remain on the current plan will automatically be migrated to the Eurotariff as of 30 September.

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