23 ″ iMac and 11 ″ iPad, with more affordable prices, could be launched in 2020

23 ″ iMac and 11 ″ iPad, with more affordable prices, could be launched in 2020

The rumor machine continues with everything! THE China Times released [Google Tradutor] and the Japanese blog Mac Otakara shared [Google Tradutor] the information that Apple intends to launch a 23-inch iMac it is a 11-inch iPad in the second half of 2020.

According to the vehicles, these products will form part of a new strategy by Apple to launch more affordable products, such as the new iPhone SE introduced last week.

Apple currently offers iMacs with 21.5 ″ (4K resolution) and 27 ″ (5K) screens. In addition to these, Apple also sells a 21.5 ″ iMac without 4K (a kind of desktop entry model), which sells for US $ 1,100 in the United States and for R $ 11,700 in Brazil.

To really make sense, this 23 ″ iMac would have to be cheaper – after all, the purpose of the iPhone SE is precisely to be the most affordable model in the Apple smartphone line; if those others intend to follow the same path …

THE 9to5Mac raised the possibility that this iMac was the same size as the 21.5 ″, but with a great use of screen – currently, the desktop design has very generous and dated borders, and a redesign to correct this would be very welcome .

That same reasoning can be applied to this supposed 11 ″ iPad. Today, Apple has a line made up of the iPad mini (7.9 ″), the iPad (10.2 ″), the iPad Air (10.5 ″) and the iPad Pro (11 ″ and 12.9 ″). This supposedly new 11 ″ iPad would have to cost less than US $ 330 for the 10.2 ″ iPad (R $ 3,500 in Brazil).

If that happens, the line would be a little confused due to the many screen sizes, and the entry prices would not be models with smaller screens. It is worth noting, however, that this already happens in the iPad line, in which the most affordable model is not the smallest.

Talking specifically about the 11 ″ iPad, the leaker @ L0vetodream had already commented last month that Apple would be creating a new iPad Air 11 ″ with Touch ID under the screen (that is, with a display occupying the entire front of the tablet), which would be Mini-LED.

The problem here is that an 11 ″ iPad Air with Touch ID under the screen (unheard of in Apple products) and Mini-LED technology (also unheard of) doesn’t sound like a low-cost product with a reduced entry price, within the strategy of the new iPhone SE.

Obviously, this could be another 11 ″ iPad – maybe Apple is planning to launch both the iPad Air and the iPad with 11 ″ screens, leaving the line the same size (with the exception of the iPad mini and iPad Pro of 12.9 ″), not least because the same publication China Times said that products (iPad Pro and MacBook Pro) with Mini-LED screens would be launched this year, but that the plans were changed to 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

The truth is that rumors about Apple’s upcoming releases are a bit confusing and we can only do one thing: wait. And debate them in the comments, of course. ?

via MacRumors