22 Best Local Co-op PC Games in 2019 (Updated!)

If you are looking for some cooperative game to play with friends, family or partners, we can help you. Recalling the times when several games were already available with this mode on consoles, we are sure to be happy with our list including the best co-op games for PC.

Among the criteria, we select games that can be played at the same time by two or more people, with or without division of the computer screen and even through two controls connected to the PC. Check out the selection with titles from various genres and find a game to have fun with other people locally.

1. Children of Morta

Being one of the most anticipated releases in 2019, Children of Morta really deserves to be on our list. The rogue-like game with RPG elements and that developed by independent company Dead Mage brings great pixel art graphics and super fun gameplay.

Here you can choose from members of the Bergson family, where each of its members has different characteristics and different fighting styles between bows, hammers, magic, etc. Visit the official website to buy it on Steam, GOG or Humble Store.

Children of Morta

2. Overcooked 2

The second Overcooked series game is definitely one of the best co-op games for PC. Here you and your friend can play together to prepare various types of dishes requested by customers in your mobile kitchen.

Get to know different maps, unlock many different character types and feel the rush of a busy kitchen. Overcooked 2 is available on Steam and can be played with up to four players locally.

3. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers could not be out of our list with the best co-op PC games. In it, you can play with up to four players and control your own knight who must rescue the kidnapped princesses.

The game is extremely fun, featuring great 2D graphics, fludo combat and various funny parts. Unlock several different character types with different abilities, as well as weapons and pets by logging directly into the Steam store.

4. Trine 4

With different puzzles and one of the best graphics among 2D games on our list, Trine 4 is a great choice. In it, you and your friends will be able to choose from the available characters, a wizard, a thief and a warrior, where each has different abilities.

The most interesting part of Trine 4 is that these characters offer different solutions for each type of problem, and you need to combine them to solve some puzzles or defeat some bosses. Visit the Steam page to learn all about Trine 4.

Best co-op games for PC - Trine 4

5. Rocket League

Have you thought about playing a football-like sport, but are players cars that you can drive to try to score with a giant ball? Essentially, this is Rocket League, and it's one of the most famous and best co-op PC games.

Play split screen with your friends and enjoy full control support in one of the best games in this category. Unleash different cars, and explore over 500 trillion customization possibilities. Visit Steam to learn more about Rocket League.

6. Crypt of the NecroDancer

Necrodancer is an extremely fun game, with rogue-like elements and rhythm-like gameplay, which helps make battles and bosses especially interesting.

In it, it is possible to play with control, keyboard or even a dance pad connected via USB. Enjoy the pixel art graphics and check out more about Crypt of the NecroDancer on Steam.

7. Blazing Chrome

Developed by JoyMasher, an independent Brazilian studio, Blazing Chrome takes a new classic-style approach to games like Contra for NES. In it, you choose from up to four characters (where two must be unlocked) to fight robots in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

Blazing Chrome has excellent gameplay and support for controls, allowing up to two players to split the screen. It's worth checking out, especially if you want to give a boost to the national game development scenario. Join on Steam and meet.

Best co-op games for PC - Blazing Chrome

8. Risk of Rain

With up to four players playing, Risk of Rain is a great choice for action lovers, laser guns and rogue-lite mechanics. Also featuring 2D graphics and platformer-style gameplay, it's one of the top rated local co-op multiplayer games on Steam.

The game offers hundreds of hours of gameplay, features over 100 different items to equip your characters, and ensures you never repeat the same scenarios through randomly generated maps. Visit the Risk of Rain page and check it out.

9. Hammerwatch

If you like exploration, dark dungeons and fantasy class characters, you'll love playing Hammerwatch in local multiplayer mode with up to four players. In it, each player can choose from 6 different classes, each with different skills and gameplay, and explore dungeons packed with monsters and traps.

The perfect game to play in a group, presenting many opportunities for interaction between players through really difficult heads and bosses. It's worth checking out Hammerwatch and its expansion pack.

10. Cuphead

Being considered one of the most difficult games of recent times, Cuphead could not be out of our list with the best co-op PC games. In it, you and one more player can control, well, a character with a glass head and battle against really challenging enemies.

The game's graphics are inspired by the 1930s cartoons, as well as its excellent soundtrack. Even though it is difficult, extremely fun cuphead, it is worth checking out by accessing the game page.

Best co-op games for PC - Brawhalla

11. BattleBlock Theater

From the same makers as Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater is another game that features similar graphics, excellent gameplay, but a completely different style. In this platform designed with a focus on comedy, you can have a great time in local co-op mode.

The game offers several different modes and even includes its own level creator, in case you want to challenge friends to pass their own stages. Learn more about BattleBlock Theater by visiting their page.

12. Rayman Legends

Rayman is a franchise that already has several games distributed on several consoles and, for PC, Rayman Legends is certainly one of the best co-op games. In it, you and one more player can enjoy one of the best made platformers of all time.

With the right musical stages, different game modes and fun challenges, which also include 3D boss battles – even though it's a 2D game – Rayman Legends is a great option. Check out the video of the game by accessing the store.

13. Brawhalla

If you've had the opportunity to play any title in the Smash Bros. series of games, you will certainly be familiar with Brawhalla's style of play. But here, instead of controlling various Nintendo characters, you play with warriors who feature many different themes, from Vikings Cowboys of the future.

Brawhalla is a 2D action fighting game where you have the opportunity to not only play against your friends, but also together in co-op mode, forming teams to beat other teams online or wherever you are. Get the link and download Brawhalla for free right now!


14. Crawl

Crawl a game with a very bizarre tone, but definitely fun. Featuring excellent pixel art style, it can play up to four players to battle various types of scary enemies.

The game offers various types of equipment for your character and features elements of roleplaying and action, with really well done and really funny but really weird boss battles. If a more macabre style is what you're looking for, check out the Crawl trailer directly on Steam.

15. The Expendables

Essentially based on the movieThe Expendables, with Terry Crews, Stallone, Chuck Norris and other international movie cones, The Expendabros is a really fun and brutal game. In it, you command one of the characters with slightly different names – but very clear references – on a 2D platform made in pixel art.

Use many different weapons, shoot knives, punch enemies and be a real Rambo playing in co-op mode locally with up to four players. Visit the page and enjoy, as Expendabros free!

16. Divinity: Original Sin 2

For players of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other big names in classic role playing games, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a great option. Here you can play in co-op mode with other players in one of the best RPGs released in recent times, not to mention their excellent graphics.

In it, you can create your own character and let other players create theirs, choosing race, skills, classes and then start exploring the game, take part in various adventures and collect treasures and equipment as you level up. Visit the game page and learn more.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

17. Enter the Gungeon

Being a Bullet Hell and Rogue-like with lots of different characters and even more enemies, Enter the Gungeon is one of the best co-op games for those who like a lot of dodging and dodging enemy shots.

He has received excellent ratings from critics like IGN, EGM Now and Destructoid and also offers support for playing in control. Access and watch the game clip to see how fun it is.

18. Wizard of Legend

Do you like magic? To? Pixel art? Then you will surely want to check out Wizard of Legend, one of the best co-op games available for PC. Here you can play with up to four players locally while using various element combinations to cast different spells.

The game offers great boss battles, excellent gameplay and full control support. Check out the game's video and defeat hordes of enemies using their spells, access the link.

19. Outward

With beautiful 3D graphics, landscapes and charismatic characters, Outward couldn't be left off our list. Team up with friends and experience a truly fun RPG adventure filled with challenges and growing enemies.

The co-op multiplayer is made by splitting the screen and we can not fail to mention how well-made the spell casting mechanics of the game is different from the ordinary. Check out more about the game and watch the trailer on page.


20. Unrailed!

At Unrailed, you and your friends come together to get resources, explore and build tracks to keep your train going. The game is really fun and offers a third-person top-down view, featuring some elements that can even remind Minecraft itself.

Have fun with up to four players and work together to make sure your train doesn't stop, run out of rail or crash. Visit the link to learn more about Unrailed!

21. Weapon 3

For war game lovers, Arma 3 could not be out of our list with the best co-op PC games. It features excellent 3D graphics, various war vehicles such as cars, tanks, airplanes, as well as a slew of weapons for you to have fun with your friends.

The game also has online multiplayer, as well as its own map maker if you just want to pass the time. Check out all about Arma 3 by accessing the link on Steam.

22. Gears 5

To finish our list, we present Gears 5, the hit of the series of games better known as Gear of War from the first to the fourth title. Here you can play with your friends in local co-op mode, defeating terrible enemies and using weapons, robots, technology in a futuristic theme.

The game offers several game modes such as campaign versus versus horde and even its own map builder. Really worth checking out, especially considering the excellent grades for great portals of criticism, go to the link and get to know.

Gears 5

What do you think about the best co-op PC games?

So, could you find a good game to play locally? Tell us in the comments which one caught your attention, which ones have played or if we failed to include some title that would fit well in our list! Enjoy and check out our tips for getting games at the best price on Steam!