21 European countries have already entered DTT

تمديد دعم تثبيت DTT حتى نهاية العام

The European Commission announced today that the migration from analogue to digital television is proceeding «at a good pace», which leads the executive to affirm that by 2012 all Member States should have their migration processes completed and successful. According to the EC, there are already countries where the adoption of DTT has become effective and in a positive way, such as Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands and part of Belgium.

The end of the analogue period is scheduled for before the end of 2010 in Spain, Austria, Denmark, Estonia and Malta, while in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, United Kingdom and the entire Belgian territory the blackout is scheduled for before 2012.

According to the EC, Poland has a deadline for the switch off the year 2015 while Romania has not yet set a date for migration.

Anyway, so far, there are 21 countries that have started transmitting digital terrestrial television – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. Countries such as Cyprus, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia have announced that the offer of digital services will begin in 2010.

European Commissioner for the Information Society, Viviane Reding, indicated that several member states are «clear world leaders» in the migration process to DTT.

Viviane Reding also stresses the importance of this migration given the «portion of the newly released spectrum» that «will be available for new television and wireless services». The Commissioner also stresses that «deciding in a coordinated way on the use of the so-called» digital dividend «is fundamental for Europe’s rapid economic recovery».