20th Century Fox movies available to rent on iTunes

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Apple and 20th Century Fox announced an agreement that will allow Steve Jobs’ company to sell the company’s films through the iTunes store. The information provided by the Financial Times indicates that, with this deal, consumers will be able to download the films and view them for a limited period, similar to what happens when the user rents a DVD in a common video club.

Apple currently offers some titles from other studios, including Walt Disney or Paramount Pictures. Now, with the new partnership, the company intends to give a new impetus to the film market online and revive its video section of iTunes, whose sales have been growing and approaching the numbers obtained in the area of ​​downloading music.

The difference between this agreement and the previous ones is that, while Walt Disney, Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lionsgate only make films available for sale – with the last three providing only old titles – Fox will allow the rental of the most recent films.

According to the Financial Times, Apple intended to announce the deal with Fox in January, at the height of MacWorld. With the information made public earlier, it is now speculated that the company may be interested in negotiating with the remaining producers the possibility of extending the agreement that unites them in order to place the films already available in the rental version.

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