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20th APDC Congress – Paulo Campos admits 4G operation only in 2015

استثمرت TMN و Vodafone و Optimus 372 مليون يورو لضمان تراخيص 4G

The bet on telecommunications is structuring for economic development, Paulo Campos, Secretary of State for Communications, defended again at the opening session of the second day of the 20th APDC Congress, referring again to the Government’s ambition in this area and the «agenda» for completion network modernization projects.

«Our ambition is to have a new generation fixed network by 2012 and a new mobile network in 2015», the Secretary of State said at the margin of the congress, stating that it is these networks and the services available that contribute to equal opportunities for the development of companies.

Keeping the timetable set for the launch of the 4th generation mobile tender for 2011, Paulo Campos says that the Government is «working so that licenses are offered to the market in 2011» but admits that it will only be possible to have operational results from the networks in 2015 new generation furniture across the country.

Questioned by journalists, Paulo Campos was reluctant to define what the planned allowance for these licenses would be in the 2011 State Budget.

E-school waiting for second generation

After referring in his speech to the e-school project as «unique», Paulo Campos admitted to the margins of Congress that this project is now in a phase of phase out, because most students in primary and secondary education will have had access to the codes for purchasing computers in previous years.

But Paulo Campos does not accept the idea that the program is stopped, without assigning codes, ensuring that they are being delivered to 5th grade students, who are now entering the second cycle of basic education, the first to have access to this program because in the first cycle they were covered by e-schools.

The Secretary of State says, however, that he hopes «in the near future» to reformulate this program and move forward with a new ambition, but guarantees that this announcement will be made at the right time and place.