20GB PS3 discontinued by Sony due to lack of consumer adherence

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Contrary to what it had done in the American market, in Europe Sony decided to only go ahead with one of the two versions of the console. The introduction of the model with less capacity was conditioned to the existence of demand that justified it, something that is no longer relevant with the decision announced by the company to discontinue the production of this model.

The decision is a reaction to the low demand for equipment with a data storage capacity of 20GB. According to the company, in the United States, where the model was marketed together with the 60GB version – the only one available in Europe – the latter largely surpassed users’ preferences, by one to ten.

With the decision announced, Sony plans to stop manufacturing third generation consoles with 20GB of capacity for the American market, soon after the stock existing products, which the company guarantees to be insignificant.

The PalyStaion 3, in the 20GB version is available for sale in the American market for 500 dollars, 100 less than the 60 GB version.

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