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Rumor: new iMac, AirPods and Apple TV are "ready for launch"

As we?ve been following for the past few weeks, tech giants don?t seem to have hit the brakes on product launches during this new pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Apple, specifically, launched new MacBooks Air, iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard, the new iPhone SE and, a few days ago, a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. But there are other products on the way.

In two tweets, published yesterday and today, the leaker Jon Prosser revealed at least three new Apple products that would be ?ready to launch?:

Update: there is still an iMac and AirPods ready for launch. (I still know which AirPods exactly, just the code name.) Theoretically, since they are ready, they can leave at any time. I will let you know if / when you hear a date. Let's see if Apple can hold secrets from me.

New Apple TV 4K with A12X – 64GB / 128GB ready for launch. Codename: Neptune T1125. Another one of those things that can come out at any time. Apple has no more rest. ()

It remains to be seen, of course, how significant these upgrades will be.

a iMac fully renovated would be very welcome, but something tells me that Apple will save this for the transition from Intel chips to ARM. Most likely, what we will soon see is a mere ?Spec bump? Yearly.

With regard to AirPods, we are possibly dealing here with the rumored ?AirPods Pro Lite?, which should be nothing more than third generation AirPods with similar / identical design to the Pro, but without Active Noise Canceling. Or, who knows, it would be that new member of the most expensive line, in the format of a circum-aural headphone, but this one I think would deserve to be launched at an event, who knows even at the WWDC20 keynote.

Finally, the new Apple TV you really shouldn't bring anything meaningful. As Prosser pointed out in the tweet, the maximum we can expect is a more modern chip (which can make a difference in games, if at all) and double the internal capacities. Nothing is said, for example, about a redesigned remote control or perhaps about what would be more significant on Apple TV, than a significant drop in prices. We'll see.