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First smartphone based on quantum technology is from Samsung

As of this Friday, May 22, smartphones enter the quantum generation, with Samsung being considered the first manufacturer to carry it out. But this is not a new model, but an updated version of the Galaxy A71 5G, with the addition of the QRNG (quantum random number generator) chip developed by ID Quantique.

This addition of security the next step in the protection of smartphones, while adding truly random algorithms, since the current solutions are relatively fceis breaking by hackers for at random to be so. As mentioned by Forbes, ID Quantique's QRNG system not only adds a random random number to the system, but is capable of generating perfect and unpredictable randomization to the security system. This processor was designed and manufactured specifically for smartphones.

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On the Id Quantique website it is explained that the quantum randomization system is obtained from a light source captured by the CMOS image sensor. There is an LED and an image sensor in the chip composition, this light emitting diode being responsible for the emission of a random number of photons, from what was called quantum noise. Thus, the photons are captured and counted by the pixels of the image sensor, thus offering random numbers that feed the algorithm generator.

The system also has a system of countermeasures, in case the process fails. During the physical process of capture, if there are failures, the transmission of the light is switched off, proceeding with an automatic recovery system, initiating a next cycle.

After the launch of the Galaxy A Quantum in South Korea, in partnership with SK Telecom, there are still no plans for a worldwide launch, although ID Quantique already has projects related to telecommunications in the quantum spectrum in the United States and Europe. So he hopes to develop his technology on other smartphones and networks if the Galaxy A Quantum is successful in security testing.