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Comparaj√°.pt wants to be a reference platform to optimize fixed expenses and covers 400 telecommunications offers

With around 400 offers available for comparison, between 2P, 3P, 4P and 5P packages for the different loyalty periods, covering the four fixed service operators in Portugal, registered, in 2019, 230 thousand simulations in this area, In the first four months of the year, it now amounts to more than 72 thousand. Jos Figueiredo tells SAPO TEK that the goal is to continue to extend the functionality.

Our aim is for to be the reference platform for Portuguese families when it comes to optimizing their fixed monthly expenses, from credits to telecommunications, through insurance to energy (electricity and gas), he explains.

The company continues to invest in the technological development of the platform and the person in charge of the service says that this has allowed to accelerate technological integration with different market players, from banks to operators, something essential to improve the experience of our users.

Comparison tools are being improved to become more intuitive and complete, with the aim that consumers can make a more conscious and informed choice.

One of our most important missions has been, in fact, raising consumer awareness of the importance of analyzing and comparing the different options in the market before subscribing to any banking or telecommunications services. This is because only in this way is it possible to guarantee more conscious and informed choices on the part of national families, he argues.

Despite the appearance of other tools on the market, Jos Figueiredo believes that this is positive, and that the site is differentiated by the more complete and integrated value proposition. We are the only ones to aggregate different areas of Credit, Savings and Telecommunications, and our goal is to expand to Insurance and Energy very soon, says the manager.

Based on the preferences demonstrated in the last 100 thousand simulations in the Telecommunications comparator and the importance that consumers attribute to each of the components of the different types of packages, the service evaluated the offers of the various operators to identify the most competitive in each area.

This analysis resulted in awards for six categories, with MEO winning the most competitive 4P Package category with its M4 TV Net Voz Mvel offer – 200 Channels + Net 500 Mbps + Mvel 3 GB, while NOS collected two awards, with the most competitive 3P Package and the Best Child Package. Nowo was distinguished with the most competitive 2P Package and Vodafone won two categories, Best package for Sports fans and Best package for Film and Series fans.