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The recently launched Android Wear for iOS will not send data to the native Health app

Google Fit on Android Wear for iPhone

Google launched the long-awaited event the day before on the App Store Android Wear for iOS. From now on, Android smartwatches will finally be compatible with iPhones.

However, not everything is just flowers. As we know, smartwatches are widely used for physical activities. What was expected, then, was that data captured by these Android watches (steps, calories, etc.) would be sent to the app Sade iOS. But that unfortunately * does * not happen.

To BuzzFeed, an Apple representative confirmed that the application does not actually use the framework HealthKit and that this was a decision taken by Google itself. The Mountain View giant wants its users to control everything from the control panel only Google Fit.

This limitation certainly does not bother everyone (there are people who do not even care about this data, others who will not mind centralizing everything in Google Fit), but it is still an unexpected "but" about this new integration.

Wear OS by Google app icon - Smartwatch

(via iMore)