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See what “the next generation” of Apple stores will look like

There is a time we commented that Apple stores could win changes and that Jony Ive in person (now Chief Design OfficerOr CEO of Design) would be involved in this new project. According to documents obtained by the Memphis Daily News, the first Apple Retail Store with this new design to be in Memphis (Tennessee, USA).

In fact we are talking about the renewal of Apple Retail Store – Saddle Creek, one of the company's oldest stores (the 20 opened by Ma).

Rick Millitello, Apple representative, called the project ?the next generation of retail stores we are launching?, confirming that this is indeed one of the first of its kind and the project was unanimously approved by the Germantown Design Review Committee.

Other aspects of the project, according to Millitello, include a matte panel of granite reinforced on the outside, as well as natural oak tables on the inside. The store also has a changeable display that includes live plants, sometimes TV monitors, works of art, among other things.

The image above gives us a hint of what to expect for this and future stores at least on the inside, since the facade of the shops varies greatly according to the specific locations of each.

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