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Let the kids' imagination go far with the Its Crazy History app

The new generation that is arriving must not know the stories of Menino Maluquinho, created by Ziraldo. But are there things that are worth presenting to the little ones, anyway? Even more this class that marked the childhood of many!

Because Webcore Games recently launched the app Your Crazy Story!

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Shall we tell stories? In the Sua Maduquinha Story app you can create stories in a very crazy way. The whole crazy group is ready to help you: Menino Maluquinho, Julieta, Boco, Lucio, Carolina and much more. You choose the scene, the objects and characters on the scene and you can even draw on top of it all and even use a photo as a backdrop.

The idea here is to explore children's imagination a lot, allowing them to create, invent their own stories with the famous characters. Everything is very easy:

  1. First you choose a scenario that can be one of the list or even a picture of you!
  2. Then just drag the characters and objects you want to compose the scenario.
  3. If you want, you can use the digital color pencil to make extra drawings.
  4. That done, just record and start telling your story.

During recording, the characters do not need to stand still, no! The child can play with them all while the story is told. The cool thing is that you can make a very complete story, involving several family members each moving / representing a different character.

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