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Do you like games? There are several to choose from and you can create more

The first interest in Fancade will be to play and not to be badly served. This application has a series of small games, fun, interesting without being overly complex and, therefore, excellent to pass the time.

There are two formats to play with. Firstly, Quest, with several worlds featuring mini titles developed by Martin Magni, creator of the app, in which it will be necessary to accumulate a certain number of stars in order to explore the next world.

An Arcade mode is also available, where games created by third parties using the tools available at Fancade are gathered, divided by the highlights with the latest additions or by the most popular games, but also traditionally classified by categories such as Puzzle, Arcade, Drive or Physics.

In terms of development, the application offers different game styles that can be combined with various graphic elements, based on the editing of a type of game already created or the creation from scratch.

There are kits, tutorials, blocks to add, among other elements, that will serve both for those who have no idea what to program and for those who understand the subject.

The free Fancade is available for Android and iOS devices.