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Apple investigates graphics card issues on new MacBooks (+ Pro)

Apple is investigating different graphics issues related to the new MacBooks reveal two topics in the company's own support forums. And life gets complicated, again, for NVIDIA …

The first reaches only MacBooks Pro unibody and involves crashes in games, where the screen goes black (Black Screen of Death?), the audio comes on loop infinite and control over the mouse cursor is lost. The problem affects games on both Mac OS X and Windows and has nothing to do with a specific title, as users have reported different cases with Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, Company of Heroes, among others.

Some of the consumers believe that the cause may be related to graphic drivers and / or cooling of the cards. Some of them were able to solve the problem (or at least reduce it) by installing alternative NVIDIA drivers and a utility for manually controlling fan speeds. Others, however, had to replace their logic boards or obtain a completely new machine from Apple.

The second problem affects both MacBooks and MacBooks Pro and causes ?wavy? distortions in browsers and in HD video playback. The error is rare and affects only Mac OS X, having an indirect relationship with iMacs based on NVIDIA graphics cards. The same never happened on Macs with graphics from Intel or AMD. It may be related to NVIDIA drivers again, but it may be remotely influenced by the engine WebKit, since Opera, for example, is not affected by distortions.

The good news is that a future software / firmware update should solve both problems once and for all. I hope it doesn't take too long.

(Via: AppleInsider.)