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32GB iPhones and 64GB iPod Touch may be launched at Macworld Expo 2009

With Macworld Expo 2009 approaching, little by little more rumors are emerging than Apple will bring to us again in the opening keynote. Now it was the Mac rumorsindicate that we will have a new iPhone 3G 32GB among the list of news to be presented.

Currently, the maximum memory on the Apple cell phone is half the capacity of the iPod touch, since the first uses only a 16GB flash memory chip, while the second has two. The reason for this is that the space allocated to the other chip in the iPhone is compromised by the other components.

According to announcements made in August by Toshiba, higher density flash memories would begin to be produced by Toshiba this quarter and will possibly be on the new iPhones and iPods touch next year. This not only increases the chances of a 32GB iPhone 3G arriving, but also a 64GB iPod touch.

And of course, we must not forget that quad-core iMacs and an update on the Mac Pro may also be on the list of releases that I will see in the first weeks of 2009. In the end, I am waiting for the beginning of a new year so full of news how much this.