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With Exposure you apply several filters to your photos, including only part of them

Without a doubt, a category of apps very popular in the iOS world is that of image editing. There is a lot of "more of the same" per a, so we have to be very selective with what we highlight here on the site.

Today we bring you the tip of Exposure, by Brazilian developer Bitpoem.

Bitpoem app icon - Filters and Effects

Compatible with iPads and iPhones / iPods touch, Exposure offers a multitude of filters / effects like B&W, vintage, ice, vibrant, bokeh, zoom, watercolor, comics, newspaper and more, but the cool thing is that you can apply them only in part of your photographs.

See how it works on the following video:

Exposure is already ready for iOS 8, with an extension accessible directly through its photo library. It also offers a direct share button for Instagram, making our lives a lot easier.

the type of app that generates different images, which I ask your friends to ask how they were edited.

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