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Screeny is a new app that scans and cleans all your iPhone screenshots

Who has never taken a screenshot (or ?screenshot?) that shoots the first iPhone!

First of all, if you still don't know how to save your iPhone, iPod or iPad screen, it's very simple: press the Start button while holding the On / Off button. Ready! s go to the Photos app to see your screenshot.

The reasons for taking a screenshot are the most varied:

Okay, fine. The problem arises when your photo library starts to get crowded and disorganized with so many screenshots in addition to consuming some good megabytes of your memory. And what does the Screeny.

Screeny 3.0 app icon

The NFNLABS app scans your entire Camera Roll for images that fit the resolution of your iPhone or iPod not yet optimized for iPad and then shows you what has been found. Then, it's very simple: you can delete all screenshots at once, select those taken more than 15 or 30 days ago, or manually select the ones you prefer to delete. Everything is very easy and intuitive.

There are those who believe that these captures do not occupy much space and, in fact, the screenshots made in messaging applications or the Start Screen hardly exceed 1MB each. But if you register a photo or image of a game, that size can triple as shown in the image below.

Screeny found 89 screenshots (mostly games) on my phone, getting rid of 160MB! Of course, this number can vary a lot according to each person, but if you have a device with a capacity of 8GB (or up to 16GB), I recommend the investment of $ 1 in this app.

Honestly, I always wanted an app to do that. I confess that sometimes I didn't take a lot of screenshots because I had to delete them one by one, but now that I've found an app that deletes them all at once and helps me to keep the library clean and organized, even in order to share more things from my iPhone.

Curiosity: screen capture is possible since iOS iPhone OS 2.0, launched in July 2008 with the iPhone 3G.

(via MacStories)