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Questions and clarifications about Apple's recalls (iPhone 6 Plus camera and Beats Pill XL)

A few days ago, we warned about the start of the rear camera replacement program (known as iSight) for iPhones 6 Plus. Because our reader Henry Cunha, which had an eligible device, was the Apple Retail Store – Morumbi to carry out the procedure.

IPhone 6 camera

Does Apple change only the camera or the whole device? Do you need to have a damaged camera, or do you just need the eligible serial number? Many of you have these and other doubts about the program, so we thought it would be good to share his experience with you.

With the floor, Henrique:

(The day before yesterday), on September 2, when Apple stores (all over the world) had no system for technical assistance, I decided to visit the Apple Store – Morumbi to try to be served at the Genius Bar without prior appointment due to the recall of my iPhone 6 Plus iSight.

In other words, it had everything not to be attended to. After all, in addition to arriving at the store without having scheduled a time, the technical service of customers was impacted by the system failure.

Despite everything, from the arrival of the store I was well received. I explained that I had no appointment and that the camera on my iPhone needed to be analyzed because it was part of the recall announced. The employee questioned whether the photos were having problems; I informed that in some situations the focus took longer than usual, but that this did not always happen.

I was informed that as soon as any service was completed earlier than expected or if there was any withdrawal, I would be served. So, I decided to stay in the store waiting.

Almost two hours later, I was answered. The employee who served me made it clear that this type of service without regular scheduling and that they were making an exception. I thanked him and, again, I reported the reason for my visit. The employee did tests with the camera, focusing on distant objects. He even said that the definitive test would be to focus on Apple's apple, located at the entrance. We were at the back of the store. The focus took a long time to get right and when it finally managed to focus, the photo was blurry. The focus system failure was then confirmed.

So, I was informed that the iPhone camera would be changed. Yes, they made it clear that only the camera would be replaced. I asked if for some reason they would change the device and the answer I received was: the device change only occurs if, during the service, any other problem with the iPhone is detected.

The process took an hour and a half. Apple did not detect any other flaws in the device and therefore did not make a complete change of the device.

This experience demonstrates Apple's commitment to its customers. After all, even on a typical day at the store (lack of system), I arrived without an appointment and even then I had my need met. This is one of the advantages of having an Apple Store in Brazil. Too bad we only have two (Rio and So Paulo) I hope others will open soon

Duly clarified? So let's move on to another recall, that of the Beats Pill XL speaker.

Beats Pill

As the product is not officially sold in Brazil, we contacted Apple's press office; the company informed us that the recall it doesn?t happen in our country, stating that whoever brought in from abroad would have to resolve this on some international trip. But the reader David Fiji found a good solution for those who have the product and do not plan any trip abroad in the short / medium term.

He entered the program-specific page and tried his luck by filling out the form. After a few days, he received a telephone contact from Apple Brazil saying that they would send a box through the Post Office so he could return the Beats Pill XL. In doing so, he would earn $ 325 in credit.

Unfortunately these credits can only be used in American Apple Retail Stores, but it is still better to have a credit on hand than to have any use at any time than a defective product.

It is a tip for those who own the speaker and have no way to travel / ask someone to return it outside.