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Investigation proves that the NVIDIA GPU of the new MacBooks Pro also has flaws

According to analyzes made recently with the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, used by Apple in the new MacBooks Pro as a dedicated graphics option in the new MacBooks Pro, the The Inquirer it was concluded that it is subject to the same defects as the 8600M GT used in the previous model, as we warned about two months ago.

The research proved that the GPU has the same technical imperfections that characterize the defects presented in the long term by MacBooks Pro manufactured between May 2007 until September this year.

In addition, this problem may be responsible for an anomaly that is being investigated by Apple and affects several titles of games in which the screen goes black, the audio comes on loop infinite and control over the mouse cursor is lost. The problem was characterized as Black Screen of Death, but it does not appear to be so serious, since the reports do account that it can be solved by means of software update. It is not known, however, whether it is capable of solving what was discovered today as well.

Comparative tests of operation of the GeForce 9400M with the 9600M GT - smaller bars are more stableComparative analysis of GeForce 9400M operation with 9600M GT – smaller bars are more stable

As in the previous case, NVIDIA claims that the new 9600M GT does not have the same type of failure as the Series 8 GPUs used by Apple in older MacBooks Pro, and that they are not subject to the same defects, whether medium or long term. The 9400M GPU was also analyzed by The Inquirer, but apparently it is not subject to any failure, either on MacBooks Pro with the 9600M GT or on MacBooks and MacBooks Air.