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Instagram shows recent posts and includes hashatgs in the bio; see what's new in maro | Social networks

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See the main news of Instagram in March of March Photo: TechTudo

See the main news of Instagram in March of March Photo: TechTudo

After requests from users, Instagram will give you the option to see the most recent posts. The social network now offers the button New posts, capable of switching between the most recent publications of friends or maintaining the previous configuration. The change does not fully affect the feed, which continues to prioritize organization by algorithm.

The chronological order in Instagram posts was extinguished in 2016 and should not return as it was before. According to the company, the novelty should "ensure that the most recent posts are more likely to appear first". The new button will not ensure the display of posts in order of publication, but will prioritize the most recent.

Instagram now allows more links in the user's biography. Since March it is possible to insert links to hashtags and accounts of other users in the profile description. The update works in the same way as the features used in comments or photo captions: just use the "#" symbol for subjects or "@" for usernames. Until then, it was only possible to include a single link in the website section of the profile.

To include links in the bio, the interested party must access the Edit profile option and enter the hashtag or name of the desired account in the Biography section.

Users can now buy products directly on Instagram posts. The buy and sell function had been launched experimentally in the United States and is now reaching eight other countries, such as Brazil. For now, the resource used by Nama, a company specializing in decoration made by a 3D printer, and AMARO, an online store for women's fashion.

Shopping buttons are linked to the products shown in photos in the feed. The user can tap to see more details, select colors and sizes and proceed with the purchase. To activate the sales function in the profile, store owners need to create at least nine posts with marked products.

Instagram and Snapchat removed the function of adding GIFs to the story after the discovery of a racist animation. According to TechCrunch, the image appeared when searching for crime in the search tool. The figure simulated a black death counter and showed a monkey under the command of a white man. Animated features were allowed through a partnership with the Giphy platform.

At the time, Instagram admitted disabling the feature because of the loophole that made racist GIF available. To TechCrunch, the social network said the image was available due to a bug in our content moderation filters that specifically affected GIFs. The company said it corrected the error and adjusted the moderation standards for the animation library.

The GIFs were released on the social network last Thursday (29), after corrections in the device's security system.

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