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How do criminals make money on the Internet? | Security

Virtual crimes are, in most cases, related to fraud and financial benefits by criminals. Through viruses, malware, infected programs and malicious links distributed via email or social networks, users provide precious personal information that criminals use to profit illegally. How do they manage to make money just from user data in hand?

Here are some ways that criminals receive money from information stolen from your computer. Among the most common methods are the use of banking data for illegal financial transactions, extortion through blackmail and cryptocurrency mining without the user's consent. Check the list below and stay tuned to protect yourself.

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Viruses can spread over the home network silently Photo: Arte / TechTudo

Viruses can spread over the home network silently Photo: Arte / TechTudo

Your personal information is invaluable. Through a practice known as Pishing, passwords, bank information, credit card numbers and personal data can be stolen by malicious programs and thus sold on the black market for illegal financial transactions. In addition to selling the data, the virtual thieves themselves can access your properties, steal your money or defraud transactions with your bank details in hand.

2. Rescue of stolen data

Ransomware is a type of malware that hijacks user data and charges a ransom amount to the victims. This type of "hijacker virus" can remotely block access to important files or the computer itself, and only frees use after paying the required amount. Typically, the ransom paid with the virtual currency Bitcoin, which makes it difficult to track the criminal.

3. Mining cryptocurrencies without consent

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The virtual currency Bitcoin is the figure used for scams on the Internet Photo: Divulgao / Bitcoin

The virtual currency Bitcoin is the figure used for scams on the Internet Photo: Divulgao / Bitcoin

The most used cryptocurrency in this type of crime is Bitcoin. Mining Bitcoin means using computers to process complex mathematical equations related to transactions made with virtual currency, and in return, receiving a reward, also paid in Bitcoin.

This is legal practice, but criminals can install mining programs on your computer without your consent, causing you to unknowingly mine coins and, consequently, generate profit for them. Mining programs are often distributed through malvertising, which are fake advertisements and advertisements designed to spread pests and infect computers.

Also using malicious programs, criminals can steal personal photos and videos and thus blackmail users to not post the images on the Web. In many cases, to preserve their privacy and prevent the disclosure of intimate or sexually suggestive photos, users end up paying the amount demanded by the bandits. This practice is known as Sextorsing.

In addition to extortion, stolen personal photos and videos may be sold for other illegal purposes. Criminals sell the images to create fake profiles on social networks that, in turn, are used to commit other types of crimes on the network, such as committing hate crimes or spreading more viruses and malware. Often the victim does not even imagine that his photo is being used for the practice of these crimes.

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