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Google makes April 1 pranks on Maps and Files Go | Internet

Google has two news for this Sunday, April 1, known as April Fool's Day. One of them will take the joke "Onde Est Wally?" to Google Maps. The other is the Files Go app, a feature that would detect bad jokes using smartphones with the Android system. The date has as tradition the practice of pranks of all kinds. Google has a history of "cute" on April Fool's Day: it has already created an 8-bit version of Maps, announced the end of YouTube and even promised a new search feature by smell.

Autumn 2018 award gets animated Google Doodle

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Wally one of the best known characters in the world Photo: Divulgao / Google

Wally one of the best known characters in the world Photo: Divulgao / Google

Wally is surprised when using Maps. He suddenly appears, shares information about the location and disappears again. The user starts the search by enlarging the map and following the coordinates. The difficulty increases with each level five in all. In the last phase, the character offers only a very simple clue before disappearing. A tip: Wally likes to hide in famous tourist spots, like Hollywood and the Andes.

The game can also start from a voice command. To do this, just ask "Where's Wally?" to Google Assistant.

The other initiative of the date can help many people. The Files Go application can detect bad jokes that are very common at this time of year and are stored on your phone. For that, Google had the help of comedians who analyzed more than 30 thousand files and, of course, a dash of artificial intelligence.

When downloading a document of this type from the Pav's uncle, for example, the app suggests exclusion. The feature also does the reverse. When identifying a good joke, he proposes to share it with friends.

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