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Gallery: See how the new Apple campus in Austin, Texas looks like now

In early 2012, Apple announced an investment of more than $ 300 million in Texas and therefore even got tax incentives for there. Construction work on its new campus began that year, and the first phase was completed in February 2014.

Currently, four out of seven new buildings are ready and in operation. O visited the new campus in the city of Austin, and published a series of cool photos, we selected some above.

In total, with 102 thousand square meters area, this campus will house about 7,000 employees and it will be Apple's second largest after only the ?spaceship? being built in Cupertino. In addition to the offices themselves and the meeting rooms, it includes restaurants, a gym and even a ?wellness center?.

With this investment, Apple will be behind only the Dell in numbers of employees in the State of Texas. The azulzinha has approximately 14,000 people in the region today.

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