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Four prototypes (radical!) Of future Apple products

O Mac | Life today published four shocking prototypes of future Apple products, all based on recent rumors (from the past few weeks, months or years), combined with some Ma patent applications.

Inspired by Steve Jobs' comments about iPhones and iPods touch becoming a new platform for games, one of them is a game console with built-in dock (GameDock) very interesting!

Do you remember the LEGO Mac Pro? The LMac looks a lot like this. How about a MacBook with three screens (triBook), then? The iCom, on the other hand, is quite crazy: it mixes a digital player with a digital photo frame and a holographic phone. Do I stay scientific today? I think so, but it would really be a dream.

But don't be so excited: they are all just concepts. I very much doubt that any will come true in the short or long term. But I found it all too much! Congratulations to the creators.