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Developer launches full app for those who need to work with PDF files

The developer Readdle recently launched the PDF Office, which she describes as ?the most powerful application for creating and editing PDF documents on your iPad?.

Sorry, app not found.

Office PDF is a desktop-level application for creating and editing PDFs. It was designed to give the best experience for the user, taking advantage of the touch-based interface of an iPad. Our goal is to make it a multiplatform service, so that people are able to create and edit PDF files on any device. Focusing primarily on mobile devices was obvious, since we can enjoy years of experience and the unique benefits of iOS.

The idea here is to have a definitive app for working with PDFs since we can create it (either from scratch, from a document scanned by the iPad's camera and even creating a file from a form), convert and edit. You can still take notes, sign, use diagrams and more!

The app is free, but requires a $ 40 annual subscription. Anyone who uses PDF Expert 5 (another Readdle app) will win a one year subscription to the PDF Office if they activate their account until this Wednesday (17/12).