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Axiotron presents improvements for the Modbook

Axiotron yesterday presented some important hardware and software news that will make its ?MacBook Tablet?, the Modbook, an even more interesting machine.

To begin with, the company improved the system's performance and compatibility with an update to its controller board, which offers better power management and lessens its loss (or depletion) when in sleep mode. It has also revamped its firmware for better compatibility with Mac OS X and which still guarantees an update for future upgrades.

To improve the performance of the tablet function, Axiotron developed the Mu-metal, a new internal radio-frequency ?shield? that reduces the possibility of electronic interference and improves the digitizer response. Improvements to the writing surface and the screen have also been introduced: a new manufacturing process eliminates the presence of air between the AnyView LCD and the ForceGlass screen protection, which results in better contrast, a stiffer surface and reduced effect parallax between the tip of the stylus and the cursor.

To further reduce the weight of the Modbook, a new painting process adapted from the automobile industry was created, the QuadCoat, which uses a liquid metallic coating to cover the tablet's magnesium case. Axiotron also managed to make the Modbook 100% compatible with the original Bluetooth on the MacBook: wireless keyboards and mice now work perfectly with this ?Mac tablet?.