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Apple proposes use of infrared matrix to facilitate the construction of larger multi-touch screens

A new Apple patent discusses the advantages of the wider use of proximity sensors to facilitate the deployment of the technologymulti-touch on devices larger than simple iPhones or iPods touch, which would allow the use of gestures that do not necessarily require any physical contact with the screen.

These sensors would be composed of transmitters and receivers of infrared radiation, which would be responsible for emitting this wavelength and soon after receiving part of it back, in case it is reflected by fingers or other objects.

The documents dated July 2008 describe the use of these two devices positioned in the form of a matrix in two dimensions located behind the display, as can be seen in the figure above.

In this way, each receiver of infrared rays would behave as an "approach pixel", indicating the presence of an element close to it, or its distance from that same element. What is captured by multiple receivers of the same type would be used to determine its position on the display area, and consequently, the way it moves over it.

Although these transmitters and receivers need a positioning in the form of a matrix, they could be located in different layers behind the screen multi-touch. This screen could use any of the technologies currently used by Apple – LCD and LED -, but in the documents presented it also mentions the use of OLED screens. Will they be used on Macs in the near future?

(Via: AppleInsider.)