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Apple files patent applications with water cooling techniques for notebooks

Apple has filed two patent applications that describe water cooling techniques, which are intended to be applied to notebooks. In both orders, she explains that the increasing advances in processing power make it increasingly difficult to optimize the operating temperature of computers.

Although current techniques are quite satisfactory, allowing notebooks and even smartphones to have excellent performance at considerable operating temperatures, the use of electronic components that increase computational power by increasing the density of performance / energy consumption and temperature can lead computer manufacturers to develop more robust and efficient systems to dissipate heat in computers and mobile devices.

One is illustrated above. Basically, it consists of the use of a small pump, with a circulation system that would send refrigeration fluid in both the gaseous and liquid state to very close to the components to be cooled. With the use of metal particles, heat would be transferred more quickly by this system, until it was dissipated by very thin air outlets.

Another technique suggested by Apple has a lower implantation cost, and appears to have the same effect as the previous one. In that case, it would still be necessary to use a small pump with coolant, but that would dissipate the heat in an aluminum plate located behind the display – with the use of thinner LED screens, this technique becomes even more viable.

It is interesting that this would help to solve a very common problem caused by the use of aluminum in the construction of Apple laptops, which makes it almost impossible to use them on your lap due to the accumulated heat at the bottom.