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“Apple Car”: company continues to recruit specialists from the automotive market

Apple's contracts for the "Project Titan" (supposed name of the project for an electric / autonomous car of the company) continue in full swing. As reported by the MacRumors, in recent weeks, Ma has hired more specialists from the automotive / technology market.

GenX Nano Easy Shift car by Tata Motors

GenX Nano Easy Shift car by Tata Motors

Here are the names:

  • Hal Ockerse: worked at Tesla for a year in hardware architecture, ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems, or advanced driver assistance system) including cameras, radars, LiDAR and ECU (engine control unit, or engine control unit); currently works as a software engineer at Apple.
  • Subhagato Dutta: graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and researcher on autonomous vehicles, worked with automotive and image algorithms at Texas Instruments; is working as a technologist at Apple.
  • Yakshu Madaan: worked at Tata Motors (India's largest automobile manufacturer) and designed / developed fuel injection strategies as a research assistant at the Indian Institute of Technology and the University of British Columbia; currently technical program manager at Apple.

Does anyone still doubt that Apple is really investing heavily in this project?