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Apple begins decorating the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where she will hold her special event [atualizado]

Next Wednesday (September 9) Apple will hold a special event and we will, of course, cover everything! The place chosen at the time was the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (stage where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak introduced the Apple II to the world).

Because the company is already decorating the place to leave everything with your face.

In addition to banners, this time we also have flags around us.

New iPhones, a new Apple TV, an ?iPad Pro? and even ?new? Apple Watches (new gold / pink colors made of metal instead of 18 carat gold) are expected for this event. Wednesday promises!

(via 9to5Mac)

Update, by Rafael Fischmann · 09/06/2015 s 09:50

Our collaborator Silvio Sousa Cabral passed by yesterday and took some pictures:

Apple at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Apple at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Apple at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Note that the entire CV center was decorated for the event, not just Bill Graham's building.

O AppleInsider He also registered the main apple at the entrance to the site:

Apple Ma at the entrance of Bill Graham

Just three more days to go!