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A "dictionary" created by artificial intelligence. When a website invents meaningless words

Does the word "frighthead" exist in English? For ThisWordDoesNotExist.comsim.The online platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create words without any sense and creativity seems to be missing.

In this case, and according to the algorithm, the term has two possible meanings. "Frighthead" can refer to a person who fears something deliberately or simply being associated with a freckle.

Anyway, if you prefer you can always write a word. In that case, the site will give new meaning to terms that already exist or, on the other hand, be creative when defining a word that simply does not make any sense.

The platform was created by Thomas Dimson, a former Instagram developer. But how did this become possible? The site uses a language structure known as GPT-2, developed by Open AI and revealed in February last year.

The format of the platform is not, however, entirely new. Similar sites are already relatively well known, such as, with surprisingly real faces. But in reality, they don't exist either.