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Tim Cook and Jony Ive appear in 4th place among the disruptive of the “New Establishment 2015” list, from Vanity Fair

In a month, for the second year, Jony Ive will be attending the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit this year, alongside Jimmy Iovine.

But Apple's design head has now appeared, along with Tim Cook, on the list New Establishment 2015, gives Vanity Fair, as the 4 biggest disruptives in the world.

Talking about the two executives, the magazine placed a strong emphasis on the launch and performance of the Apple Watch, as well as recent promotion of Ive and sales forecasts for the iPhones that will be released tomorrow.

ahead of Cook / Ive, on the list, we have Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Travis Kalanick (Uber) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon). Complete the Top 5 the duo Sergey Brin and Larry Page, from Google of Alphabet.

(via 9to5Mac)