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The new MacBook Pro is a pleasure! Now, the glossy screen …

Last week, I tested a unit of the new MacBook Pro for MacMagazine kindly provided by Apple Brazil via its press office and I was finally able to check out all the news some hated; others, beloved and bring you an analysis of what Ma offers to the demanding professional users of the laptop.

The box draws attention due to its small size and easy transport. When taking the MacBook Pro out of it, then? the certainty that Apple took the definition of laptop to the maximum: thin and light, the MBP is only 2.4 centimeters thick and weighs 2.5 kilos! unbelievable how engineers have managed to put more power in an already reduced space.

It's all here, with the connectors only on the left side: input for the outside adapter, Gigabit Ethernet ports, FireWire 800, two USB, a Mini DisplayPort (standard on new Macs), ExpressCard slot, audio input / output, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. On the right side is the SuperDrive. With all this, to think about whether the Pro can get even thinner (an Air Pro version? You'll know!) …

The laser holes in the MBP monoblock body are subtle, the on / off button is now a detail hidden in the upper right corner. The powerful full glass trackpad with multi-touch technology and high sensitivity is a spectacular part, since in a single piece there are several command possibilities, believe me, I am a zero left in command in the laptops proved to be super intuitive and easy to learn. It took just one hour to get used to the correct way and with everything we are entitled to. Of course, it was after that one hour that I discovered, in the System Preferences of the trackpad, a video that explains all these possibilities of multi-touch control with one, two, three and four fingers.

The finished canvas glossy? Well, I'll talk about what I think is the most controversial subject related to the new MacBooks: this blessed reflective screen. Understand: it is cool and has a higher brightness (so much that I had to work with less brightness than I normally leave in the settings), but it limits _where_ you can use your MacBook! Yes, yes, because to escape reflections, you must work in an internal space and never with your back to an open window.

Speaking of notebooks for professional use, then, the subject leaves many doubts. It is sad to think that, meanwhile, it is dominating the entire Apple product line, so I find it complicated to say that I will be back in that decision. Bye, bye, matte! So, as that ?moo? of our team said: we will have to swallow!

In terms of battery, I spent about three days using the most powerful graphics card on the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT and it really ?dries? the battery. So much that the maximum I could do without connecting the cable outside was two hours. It was striking, the expense, but even more so the graphic quality in all applications, with more vivid and sharp colors.

In the Energy Saver (within the System Preferences), you have two options in the "Graphics" section: Better battery life (using NVIDIA 9400M) or Best performance (with the 9600M GT, the powerful one). By enabling the best battery time and logging out, I could feel the difference between them: the screen was a little opaque.