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Realtek supports Hackintosh and releases Wi-Fi drivers for MSI Winds running Mac OS X

And she kept her promise: users of MSI Winds with Mac OS X installed as my friend and Xar Rafael Rigues can now download Wi-Fi drivers for their machines. Until today, it was only possible to browse via conventional Ethernet cable.

The driver released by Realtek employees, specific to the RTL8187SE module, is unable to make the operating system see the machine's hardware as an AirPort card, but even so the whole configuration can be done and the Wi-Fi works very well.

Realtek Wi-Fi driver for MSI Wind

Like the process of installing Mac OS X on such a computer itself, the driver is not official, so neither Realtek, nor MSI, nor even Apple will provide support for users who venture into the game. Don't say we didn't warn you.