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Ouch! Owner drops MacBook Pro to the asphalt!

An unlucky ?lucky? owner of one of the new MacBooks Pro unibody discovered, in the worst possible way, how Apple's new manufacturing process made its notebooks much more resistant than previous models.

Scratched MacBook Pro

According to him, the MacBook Pro fell on the asphalt floor from a height of approximately one meter. Unlike what would normally happen, the soft aluminum body suffered little damage, only deep scratches because of the irregularity of the asphalt. However, as you can see, the upper and lower cases suffered very little deformation.

Scratched MacBook Pro

In the previous model, a fall hitting the corner of the equipment would cause a large dent that would even result in the screen cracking. The user himself reports that he expected to find much worse damage when he picked up his MacBook Pro from the floor: "the system summed it up as if nothing had happened and the screen was completely intact".

Scratched MacBook Pro

It seems that Apple engineers did a really good job!

(Via: Daring Fireball.)