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MacMagazine updates Used Macs table

Apple money

As usual, it took a little while, but we finished a new update of our Used Macs table. I don't need to remind you that it should only be used as a reference / basis for your negotiations, which, by the way, are pumping in our classifieds forum! , at the ?

In addition to giving an update on all the minimum and maximum prices of the machines in the list, we also take the opportunity to add the 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo model of the MacBook Air that has just joined the table, since its second generation has already come out.

We hope that the table now more accurately reflects the current pricing reality for used / semi-new Macs.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, a few days ago we also made available a new MacMagazine Commercial Kit (PDF, 3.3MB), on our Advertise Here page. The document is very up-to-date, including data from our great Profile Survey for companies that are interested in establishing partnerships with us or sponsoring this project. Be sure to check it out and, if possible, send us feedback.