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How a 15-second Apple commercial “changed the life” of a Cameroonian singer

Have your music on a 15-second Apple commercial. No doubt that would be cool, wouldn't it? But would anyone here imagine they would be able to change a person's life? That's what happened.

The song ?Kiki?, by Blick Bassy, was featured in the commercial above. And according to the singer (who talked to CNN), the result of this exhibition was surprising, greater than anything he has ever experienced in his 20-year music career.

A friend of mine who lives in the USA called me and said, ?I was watching NBA and during the commercial I heard your music in (in dialect) Bassa. I said my wife, you will not believe it, I am listening to Bassa on TV in the USA! ?

After being featured in one of Apple's many commercials (from the Filmed with iPhone 6 campaign), Bassy did a show in London (in the UK), is touring the USA and has been a big hit on French radio.

Also according to Bassy, ??the impact of those 15 seconds can be even greater since when choosing a song in Bassa Apple is helping young African artists to accept what they are, in addition to encouraging Cameroonians to teach the language to others.

Who knew that when choosing a track for a commercial Apple could generate so many changes

(via Cult of Mac)