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Create beats and songs on your iPad in a fun way with the Disco Fingers app

O Disco Fingers not the first app by which we can easily create beats on iPads, but I would say the most different and, who knows, fun!

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Each Finger Disc represents an instrument or a voice filter. There are several available, including a collection of synthesizers, vocal sounds, saxophone, jazz piano, guitar, banjo, flute, drums, percussion, double bass, bass, electric bass and much more! To compose music, you simply add Disco Fingers to the grid, creating from very simple things to very elaborate beats, with a huge variety of musical genres.

If you want you can also record your own voice, applying filters over it. There are six available: Auto Awesome, Daft Hunk, Robotizer, Chipmunk, Rich Pitch and Plain Jane

After everything is ready, the more listeners like your beat, the more it will be broadcast on the app radio. And you follow everything closely, since it is possible to have access to a complete view of the numbers of listeners and their performance on ?Disco Fingers FM?. To top it off, you can export your beat as a ringtone, send to a friend or share on social networks!

Disco Fingers is free, but to have access to all resources (instruments, filters, export of ringtones and more) I need to make an in-app purchase.

Oh, and if you're a developer, it's worth taking a look at the Disco Fingers blog. There, those responsible for the app share a lot of valuable information about the creation process and the challenges of launching an app.

After 10 months of work, we have 100 days to be able to generate US $ 15 thousand per month with the application. Otherwise, we are out of business. In this diary we will share everything that happens on our journey.

Nice, huh?

(tip from Ian Sampaio)