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Chrome will have new rules for ads that "deplete" the battery of equipment

Navigating the Chromee will have to deal with ads that seem to be endless, not exactly something that "melts" Internet users. With this in mind, and aware of the impact they have on the battery and the use of data on equipment, Google will limit the resources that an ad can use before the user has the possibility to interact with the advertising content. This "intervention" should be launched by the end of August.

The announcement was made on the Chromium Blog, by Chrome product manager, Marshall Vale. The representative guarantees that the company recently discovered that "a fraction of a percentage of advertisements consumes a disproportionate share of equipment resources" without the user knowing.

But why does this happen? As the company explains, advertisements such as those that explore the topic of cryptocurrencies are poorly programmed or are not optimized for network use. Therefore, they can deplete the battery life, saturate already overloaded networks and have costs.

To solve these problems, and provide a better experience in Google Chrome, the company explains that there will be limitations. "When an ad reaches the limit, its frame will be directed to an error page". In this way, the user is informed that the content has resorted to many resources.

Google shows in this image an example of what will happen in these cases.

Like the ads that

Very harmful ads for equipment are few but good

To determine these limits, Google measured the advertising parameters on the platform and identified the most "harmful" for the equipment. There are advertising content that uses more than half of the CPU or network bandwidth than 99.9% of all advertisements detected for this resource.