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Apparently, Apple has reduced the battery of iPhones 6s; iPad Pro may have 4GB of RAM [atualizado]

If there's one thing everyone wants on iPhones that Apple didn't even comment on yesterday's keynote, drums best. And the news that we bring about it is not very encouraging.

At 2?51 ?of the introduction video for the iPhones 6s and 6s Plus, a close on the internal components of the device shows the capacity of your battery well: 1,715mAh. Considering that it is an iPhone 6s (and not a 6s Plus), we are talking about a reduction of just over 5% compared to the 1,810mAh of the iPhone 6.

The battery of the iPhone 6 Plus has 2,915mAh, so in the same proportion we can imagine that the 6s Plus should have something around 2,760mAh.

Despite this reduction in the physical capacity of the battery, in the technical specifications of the new iPhones Apple promises exactly the same autonomy as the previous ones. That is, it must have compensated with the optimization of other components (such as the new A9 chip) as well as considering the improvements brought by iOS 9.

And the reduction is no wonder: have you seen the size of the Taptic Engine ?!

4GB of RAM on the iPad Pro?

Apple hasn't officially said how much RAM the iPad Pro has, but a press release from Adobe about the new Photoshop Fix application demonstrated in yesterday's keynote quoted, until recently (it was edited), that the tablet has 4GB.

If so, it is in line with what we expect from this iPad for a more advanced audience after all, the iPad Air 2 already has 2GB.

We have also confirmed that the new Apple TV has 2GB of RAM, but we still do not know the amount that Apple has placed in the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus. It is likely that they have even incorporated 2GB, after all, since the iPhones 5 all kept only 1GB of memory.

(via MacRumors, G for Games)

Update · 09/21/2015 s 15:10

Confirming my suspicions, the Taiwans website AppleClub published today (Google Translate) a photo of the supposed battery of the iPhone 6s Plus:

Alleged iPhone 6s Plus battery

From the image d to see clearly that her ability to 2,750mAh, against the iPhone 6 Plus 2,915mAh.

The good news of these reductions, as pointed out in the comments, is that these new iPhones should recharge a little faster than the previous ones.

(via MacRumors)