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54 tips for making money on the internet

Whether you are looking to open an online business for wanting to change your life or to get extra income during the coronavirus quarantine, these tips for making money on the internet will certainly be very useful.

Here, you will know how to make money in dozens of different ways. Each of them has its own requirements, but for most it is enough to have a smartphone or notebook with internet connection.

Create websites or blogs, test applications for Android or iPhone, do freelance work or simply answer online surveys. All of these activities earn some money, which can be sent to your favorite digital bank.

Without further ado, here are our tips to start making money on the internet right now!

1. Creating a blog

One of the tips for making money on the internet mentioned in the introduction, blogs are a good way to generate passive income, in addition to being very easy for those who want to work at home. Therefore, learn how to create a blog an excellent kickoff.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that working with blogs requires dedication, patience and strategy, since it is a platform that will earn you money in the long run, not immediately.

To learn how to make money from blogs, check out this article right now!

2. Set up an online store

You can create websites to sell physical or digital products directly to anyone who wants to buy. The virtual store is the place for that. Currently, there are several platforms for online store that make it possible to create yours in a few minutes.

Moreover, the process is not very different from traditional trade: it must have an updated inventory, provide after-sales service and make the most of the descriptions to attract the consumer.

Another positive point is that a virtual store is more likely to generate faster money for you, even if it is not enough in the first few months.

In this regard, we recommend Bagy, a platform that can connect to your Instagram profile, allowing you to put a price tag on the products available in a post in the feed or in Stories.

In other words, you earn money selling both on social networks and on the website you set up with Bagy.

Click on the link to know the service right now!

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<h2>3. Create a newsletter</h2>
<p>Another type of content that has been gaining popularity in the newsletter. Using email marketing, content producers can create exclusive content for customers, who receive them by email.</p>
<p>The newsletter is an excellent way to work on the internet with written content, but it is necessary to cultivate an audience that trusts your content so that they can give you the authorization to receive emails.</p>
<p>It is worth mentioning that you can also use the platform to sell physical and digital products, in addition to using affiliate marketing that we already mentioned in the article.</p>
<p><strong>Tip</strong>: one of the best email marketing platforms you can use to create a newsletter and work at home E-Goi. Find out more about the service by accessing the link!</p>
<h2>4. Create a YouTube channel</h2>
<p>Does the idea of ??recording videos more interesting than creating a blog? So maybe getting subscribers on YouTube and making money from your videos is a more interesting option for you!</p>
<p>You can create a YouTube channel for free and publish videos right now. Before that, however, it is necessary to study how the platform works, what are the best ways to earn money on YouTube and how to record content that generates engagement.</p>
<p>On YouTube, it is also possible to make money from sponsored videos, advertisements and affiliate marketing, which we mentioned earlier in the article.</p>
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