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Xiaomi announces Mi AirDots 2 SE, a cheaper version of AirDots 2s

Xiaomi has announced the launch of a cheaper version of its Mi AirDots 2s wireless headset, the Mi AirDots 2 SE. He already on sale in China for 169 yuan (about $ 23) and will be available from May 19th.


New version of Chinese wireless headphones still resemble AirPods

The main difference with the Mi AirDots 2s is that the new AirDots 2 SE does not support the high definition codec LHDC. It even supports AAC. Support for Bluetooth 5.0 is used to connect to the smartphone, the signal is transmitted simultaneously to each of the headphones and results in a more stable connection.

The headphones that make up the Mi AirDots 2 SE weigh 4.7 grams each and its battery is sufficient for five hours of use. The case weighs 48 grams and offers an additional 20 hours of autonomy, and can be recharged in just over an hour using a USB Type-C cable. Wireless charging is not supported.

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots 2 SE has touch-sensitive controls and can also detect when the user takes the headphones off their ears – which causes music playback to be interrupted to save battery power. When the user puts the headphones back on, playback resumes.

Xiaomi announces Mi AirDots 2 SE, a cheaper version of AirDots 2s

Integration with Xiaomi smartphones allows the user to view the battery level of each headset and the case. In addition, the first time you open the case, the phone will detect and pair them quickly.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots 2 SE supports the same Environmental Noise Cancellation noise cancellation technology as Xiaomi AirDots 2s, which uses microphones for this. There is no support for active noise cancellation.

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