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With Camoji, you use your iGadget's camera to create animated GIFs

I don?t know if you know, but the Graphics Interchange Format best known for its acronym, GIF was originally created in the 1980s. Very popular in the early days of the web, mainly for its rudimentary capacity for animation, it came back with everything from time to time.

With the application Camoji, by Leo Me, you can create your own animated GIFs using your iPad or iPhone / iPod touch camera.

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Users can easily and quickly create GIFs, optionally turn them into ?memes? and send them to friends via iMessage or WhatsApp, as well as post them on Instagram, Facebook and / or Twitter. You can also browse popular GIFs created by others and choose your favorites.

Very simple, fun and the best app: free!

(via TechCrunch)