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What did Steve Jobs release in his Macworld Expo keynotes? (Part 1)

As of 2010, the focus of Apple's launches is no longer the traditional opening keynotes for Macworld Expo, but only isolated events made by it on its campus in Cupertino or on Moscone West itself, whether at WWDC or at special moments intended for the press. This leaves an uncertainty about how she will approach them from now on, since several of her major launches have come in the various editions of the event, since 1997.

Apple keynote opening at Macworld 2008Apple keynote opening at Macworld 2008

This will be the focus of a series of three articles that we will publish on MacMagazine weekly, on Saturdays, until January 3, a weekend before the opening keynote of Macworld Expo 2009, which will not be for the first time (or will be last? :-P), opened by Steve Jobs.

Of course, we don't need to talk about that first event, almost 25 years ago, that marked the launch of the first Macintosh, right? Not that he is important – that's how the whole thing started – but we have already documented it here and he will not fail to be remembered in the future. In addition, the first Macworld was held in 1985, so it doesn't matter. What really interests us are the events that came after Steve Jobs Apple's return in 1997.

1997: New Apple?

Held in Boston, it was the first led by Steve Jobs after returning as interim CEO thanks to Apple's acquisition of NeXT four weeks earlier. Basically, it was a general announcement about the company's situation – which was far from good, but it is worth remembering, since it was the beginning of its recovery, both financially and by the press and public opinion.

The changes announced were made both in the company's board and in the search for new partners, which was where there were very radical reactions at the time: the partnership signed with Microsoft saved Apple, thanks to an investment in shares, but of course many did not like it of all the conditions established through it, nor of the special guest that appeared on the presentation screen.

The keynote has been recorded and is available below, without cuts:

(youtube) (/ youtube)

One of the things that was missing from this event was how Apple would approach its product line in the future. Basically, that was the focus of its events for the next two years.

1998: iMac and PowerBook G3

This year was not remarkable in the two editions of Macworld (San Francisco and New York), but for the launch of the iMac, which, as we already know, was the first home computer launched by Apple after Steve Jobs had simplified the product line as much as possible. from the company, where only the Power Mac and PowerBook remain, machines intended only for professionals. Many of you have certainly seen the video below, but it costs nothing to remember:

(youtube) (/ youtube)

And speaking of PowerBook, it was relaunched with a totally new design at the same event, and consolidated the ?different? look and technical characteristics that Apple would integrate into all of its products, highlighting only the most modern components existing in industry.

(youtube) (/ youtube)

1999: Power Mac G3 and iBook

The two products mentioned above were the main focus of this year's two Macworld editions. In San Francisco, Steve Jobs introduced the new Power Mac G3, which brought traces of the revolutionary look of the iMac to Apple's professional desktop, which was still similar to many PCs at the time. Nevertheless, it was one of the most powerful and expandable computers of the time.

Unfortunately, the presentation I bring you here is divided into four parts, but it has some very interesting moments. It even marks the first appearance of Phil Schiller – who will present the keynote of the next Macworld:

(youtube) (/ youtube) (youtube) (/ youtube) (youtube) http : // v = yDF69R4QyOw & feature = related (/ youtube) (youtube) (/ youtube)

In addition, a special video was produced on the new Power Mac, the first of many that would be made on new Apple products:

(youtube) (/ youtube)

In New York, the iBook, Apple's home notebook, was introduced. With a look similar to that of his most powerful brother and traces of the colorful and attractive design of the iMac, he marked the consolidation of the Apple product line that would prevail for many years, with a portable model and a desktop model for both home and professional consumers. .

(youtube) (/ youtube)

2000: Mac OS X architecture and interface, Power Mac G4 Cube

Marking the beginning of the next century, Steve Jobs introduced the 21st century operating system to the general public: before it was revealed in a very discreet way to developers, Mac OS X was presented in a general way for the first time at the Macworld Expo San Francisco.

Only the architecture of the system was enough for it to be considered revolutionary, but everyone was perplexed even with its unique interface until then, both fruits of a talented team of engineers coming from NeXT in 1997, which already includes Bertrand Serlet, current vice president senior software engineer at Apple, and Scott Forstall, senior vice president of the iPhone OS team.

The presentation is divided into three parts. Perhaps you are so used to the resources demonstrated in it that there is no reason for the audience to be so amazed:

(youtube) (/ youtube) (youtube) (/ youtube) (youtube) http : // v = 2GkoAa5718Y (/ youtube)

In New York, in the summer of the year 2000, Ma's first desktop was introduced to use the PowerPC processors of the new century. The "different" look of the new Power Mac G4 Cube was shown to the public with great fanfare, and it was discontinued a year later.

(youtube) (/ youtube)

Well, just for today. I hope you enjoyed seeing – or even remembering – some Apple releases made on Macworld Expo keynotes between 1997 and 2000. There will be much more of the years to come next Saturday.