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VW Play, from Volkswagen cars, fully developed in Brazil

Quick Reading

  • Volkswagen is introducing a new multimedia center in its cars, starting with Nivus, called VW Play
  • This system was fully developed and created in Brazil, thinking about Brazilians

O VW Play the automation system for the car media center of the Volkswagen. He was presented with the car Nivus and fully developed in Brazil. In a survey conducted by the automaker, it revealed that the Brazilian public cares more about the technological innovations present in the car than the engine power. With this in mind, this system is fully developed taking into account the needs of the Brazilian user.

The first model introduced in VW cars was the Active Info Display, first presented at the Polo. The response was immediate, with great appreciation. For three years the team has been developing a new model to integrate in the new cars. More than 50 professionals from Design, Engineering, Quality, Hardware and Software Technology, Modeling, Mechanics, Prottipo, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Project Planning, participate in the development. This all happens in one unit in Anchieta, in So Bernardo do Campo, SP.

The surveys identified that users would like to have in their cars the same experience that they already have in their daily lives. Thus, the experience of mobile devices was transferred to the car dashboard. A new music or GPS app was not created, but a app store similar to those found on smartphones. Thus, the user chooses, giving preference to the systems he already knows.


In addition to working with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the platform has its own app store

The multimedia center was designed with the customer. While the system was being developed, some beta users used it. The feedbacks helped to build the final project as it was presented. A change is made, for example, to the display mode. In the first models it was vertical. It was reported that navigation was not very good, which caused the company to switch to horizontal.

The system has 10GB of storage. Although it seems little, for intense smartphone users, this ability enough for up to 10 apps the size of Waze. This system is not intended for storing media like a smartphone, but will be used for fast traffic tasks.

For more information on how the system works, see the video below:

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