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Ubisoft offers free educational trips to Greece and Egypt from the classical era

One of the most emblematic aspects of the Assassins Creed series is the historical period where action takes place. The latest game announced, for example, takes us back to the time of the Vikings, under the name Assassins Creed Valhalla. But in parallel to the award-winning games, Ubisoft has produced variations of the most recent Origins and Odyssey, in order to turn them into tourist trips through the classical era of old Egypt and Greece.

In these versions, the action, the violence, the narrative and the missions were crossed out, leaving only the exploration of the scenario. Regarding the Origins tour, which serves as a tourist guide for a museum, 75 interactive tours are available, filled with historical facts.

The Odyssey version has available 29 regions and hundreds of stations with points of interaction, divided into five different themes: philosophy, famous cities, the daily life of the Greeks, war and of course, the fantastic myths and legends of the Ancient Greece.

These options respond to the desire of many teachers to use the games of the series as teaching tools, which were left only for the video recording of parts of the adventures, due to their adult content.

Discovery Tours, although part of the free games in question, are also sold on PC for around 20 euros. However, until May 21st they can be redeemed for free, but stay with them forever, on the Ubisoft website, as part of the Play Your Part campaign. Play at Home.