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TVSapp is a simple but interesting application for you to manage your series

We have talked about the TVShow Time app for a long time, and it remains a great request for serial fans. But now there is another, simpler and national option, created by our reader Alysson Isidro.

Like you, I am also passionate about serials. I started watching ?Smallville? and started watching lots and lots of other series, like ?Friends?, ?True Detective?, ?Breaking Bad? (one of my favorites) and several others. He was lost. I never knew where I was in each series. Sometimes I watched the same episode for a while, only to realize that I had already watched it. It was chaos. How did I solve this? TVSapp + Smart and Fixed Lists.

TVSapp app icon

The app is really simple and straightforward, but it does not leave anything to be desired. Its smart lists are an excellent differential, especially for those who have seen or seen many series. You can browse only what you still have to watch, what?s up to date, the series stopped, create a wish list and go.

Alysson explains, too, that she doesn't treat series as finished if the person hasn't finished watching it: ?It doesn't matter if the series is already over. If I didn't watch it, it wasn't over for me. ?

Perhaps the current Achilles heel of TVSapp is its serial addition system, which only works through a manual search for the name which is not instantaneous and usually only finds the series you want by typing its full name. For example, if you just type "House" you should not find "House of Cards". But luckily Alysson has already placed this as a priority for improvement in future updates of the application.

It's nice to notice the affection put into the app's development when you notice that each series has a superior banner and the screen adapts to its colors, more or less as iTunes does with music albums.

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