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Tinder Loops: relationship app tests Boomerang-style video | Social networks

To upload the video, the user needs to go to their profile in the app and touch the Add Media button. That done, just choose the recording that is already saved on your iPhone or iPad. Then, just select the part you want to loop and, if you want, watch the video before publishing it. Finally, post your recording that can take a maximum of two seconds – on Tinder.

Another novelty that some users will be able to add nine photos to their profile. Before, it was possible to publish up to six images, the first in profile and the others in the album. With this, it will not be necessary to delete the existing photos to test the tool.

According to Tinder product chief Brian Norgard, the new feature is an evolution of traditional profile photo. With the addition of video, users have a new way of expressing themselves, in addition to gaining important insights into the life of possible matches, Norgard said.